RJUKAN 9-17.02.2013

A week of crazy ice climbing in Norway with Efe and Richard.


  1. Camillas Foss (Lower Gorge), WI3 (Efe’s lead);
  2. Swiss Army (Lower Gorge), WI4 (Efe’s lead);
  3. Host (Vemork Bridge), WI4 (Efe’s lead);
  4. Vemorkbrufoss Ost (Vemork Bridge), WI4 (Efe’s lead);
  5. Arsdagen (Ozzimossis), WI2 (my lead);
  6. Julevask (Ozzimossis), WI2 (Richard’s lead);
  7. Bullen (Krokan), WI3 (Efe’s lead);
  8. Ozzimossis (Ozzimossis), WI4 (top rope);
  9. Presangen (Ozzimossis), WI4 (top rope);
  10. Klassik 4 (Ozzimossis) WI3 (top rope);
  11. Svada (Ozzimossis) WI2 (my lead);
  12. Juledusj (Ozzimossis) WI3 (my lead);
  13. Hjemreisen (Lower Gorge) WI4 (Efe’s lead);
  14. Lillebror (Lower Gorge) WI3 (Richard’s lead);

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