A couple of easy alpine routes in the Swiss Alps with Efe Tunc and his friends – Gary and Alan.

This time I decided to concentrate more on trail running and photography. The results you can see below.

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London – Gatwick Airport, 30th May 2015

I’m on board of the Airbus A340 which is ready to take off. Yesterday, I took a one-month unpaid leave from my boring job. In order to cover the cost of my participation in the Alpine Club’s expedition to Cordillera Real, I loaded my credit card with over two thousand pound debt. Apart from this, I recently split up with a girl I had been dating for the last few months. To be fair, this had nothing to do with this expedition. I knew she wasn’t interested in me anyway and I just had a good excuse to finish it. At least once I can say that it was me who broke up, no other way round. So now I’m sitting on this plane thinking to myself “what the f*** am I doing here”.

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