Just got an e-mail from Tamotsu Nakamura with the latest (December 2017) issue of the Asian Alpine E-news with Derek Buckle’s article about our climbs in the East Karakoram. Also, nice to read about my Romanian friends’, Cosmin Andron and Cristina Pogacean’s climbs in the Nubra Valley.

Asian Alpine E-news issue no 16



London – Gatwick Airport, 30th May 2015

I’m on board of the Airbus A340 which is ready to take off. Yesterday, I took a one-month unpaid leave from my boring job. In order to cover the cost of my participation in the Alpine Club’s expedition to Cordillera Real, I loaded my credit card with over two thousand pound debt. Apart from this, I recently split up with a girl I had been dating for the last few months. To be fair, this had nothing to do with this expedition. I knew she wasn’t interested in me anyway and I just had a good excuse to finish it. At least once I can say that it was me who broke up, no other way round. So now I’m sitting on this plane thinking to myself “what the f*** am I doing here”.

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